Prepared Products Prepared timber are said to be ‘smooth’ or ‘finished’ products. They are generally used for shelving, door thresholds, doors, and window sills amongst many others.

We stock them in Softwood and Hardwood.

Softwood: sizes are available from 8mm – 44mm in thickness; 20mm – 270mm in width and 50cm – 480cm in length.

Hardwood: sizes are available from 20mm – 45mm in thickness; 20mm – 240mm in width and length can be cut to size.

Redwood Pine and other varieties can be ordered as to customers requests.

Sawn Products Sawn products are termed ‘rough’.

They are treated for exterior use and generally are used for fencing, gardens, stud work and all outdoor requirements. It has a ‘greenish’ look to the timber.
We stock them in in the following sizes from 19mm – 100mm in thickness; 33mm – 150mm in width and lengths can be cut to size.

We stock many types of ‘Board’ products a sample of items are listed below:

Radiator panels
Chip board
Block board
OSB Sterling board
Melamine Face Chip board MFC
Hard board


We also stock various types of mouldings both architectural and otherwise:

Dado rails

Decorative mouldings
Grill works for radiators
and many more.